CenturyLink is Damned

For part one of this story, see the previous blog post entitled “CenturyLink Triggers My PTSD” on this website.

Most Spiritual Readers,

I promised to do my best to keep you updated on new developments of the previous story “CenturyLink Triggers My PTSD,” and do I have news for you!

When my sister got a new job and moved to another city, I asked CenturyLink to put the bill in my name.  Instead, CenturyLink chose to violate me multiple times.  They opened a new account for me but did not close the old one.  Then, service was upgraded from copper wire to fiber-optic because copper has become so expensive.  The new service was connected to the new account.  Meanwhile, the old technology was disconnected, but the billing was not.  I was double billed and over-charged, and when I asked for the new account that I never authorized to be closed, my internet service was cutoff.

I talked to four people on the phone to get a technician out to the house to re-connect my internet service and try to straighten out this mess.  Apparently, though, the consumer is to bear the cost of upgrading the technology against their will or need in a futile attempt to satisfy malicious narcissism and rapacious greed.  In reality, the technology should be getting cheaper over time.

CenturyLink now sent me a bill for $219.08 for early cancellation of a service I never ordered or authorized or even wanted.

early cancel fee p1 edit

early cancel fee p2 edit

Even worse, CenturyLink set up a third account for which I have no idea what the terms or conditions are because I never asked for it or authorized it or ordered it or wanted it or anything.

third acct crop.jpg

This seems criminal because I called 866.450.6152 to cancel within the first 30 days as detailed in the cancellation policy below and my previous blog post entitled “CenturyLink Triggers My PTSD” on this website:

30dayguarantee p1.JPG

30dayguarantee p2

P1010192 blurred light.JPG


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