Medical Mold

The original doctors in medicine were to keep soldiers healthy and return them quickly to the battlefield during war.

When Mary, mother of our Lord, finally found Archangel Michael in this lifetime, they were both graduate students at one of the greatest medical research centers in the heartland of the then richest and most powerful country in the world.  The baby boomers had taken over and, like locusts, they were devouring every last resource in the greediest rush.  Even worse, they were ever fearful that the next generation would do to them what they had done to those before them; namely, knock them down and walk over their bodies to get what they wanted.  And what they wanted was to dominate others because of their infernal self-love and pride in their own intelligence.

Fearful people are not leaders because fear is a strongly negative emotion that causes mistakes.  In life-or-death situations, mistakes result in morbidity and mortality.  Most scientists are riddled with fear because they suffer from an illusion of being separate from God.  This is scary, indeed.  But love of themselves, love of money, and pride in their own intelligence lead most scientists into opposition with God, also known as hell.

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Having taken virtually complete control of research funding, the boomers were intent on keeping it all to themselves unto their deaths.  In fact, they demanded double-digit increases in their prosperity every year.  If they were ever going to let anyone have anything, then it would be their children, competent or not, bypassing the entire generation in between that they crossed out, fittingly known as Generation X.

To prevent the meritorious from rising up, the boomers played god to change the natural order of things.  Since scientific research and medicine fall within the military industrial complex in the most modern world, aspiring doctors were subjected to the most common and ancient military tactics to break down, brainwash, and control people.  Those most recalcitrant to the brainwashing were dismissed as insane.  In perhaps the greatest assault on science ever, the baby boomers implemented the divide and conquer strategy to maintain power.

They spread falsities about a great need for scientists in the United States of America.  During the 1990’s, the boomers flooded the USA with immigrants mainly from India and China who supposedly had equivalent PhD and MD degrees, albeit earned under developing-world conditions.  On the medical side, the Chinese MD degrees were considered similar to the Bachelor’s degree in the USA.  On the research side, however, placing them above American graduate students and scientists generated resentment from undergraduate students who now had teaching assistants for whom English was a distant second language.  More falsities were spread that Chinese and Indian scientists were more qualified and competent and intelligent than American scientists.  Racial stereotypes of intelligence and industriousness goaded the hiring of people who could not even answer the interview questions.

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We were all treated poorly, but the immigrants had the extra motivation of getting a green card after a number of years of loyal servitude.  This would allow them permanent residence in the USA and the chance for their children to be Americans.  Atheist immigrants working as scientists were far too quick to bend to the wills of the malicious narcissists who were our white male bosses.  Don’t forget that the original purpose of medical doctors was to keep soldiers fighting on the battlefield during war.  Atheist immigrants also wanted to get themselves and their kind in charge.  You see, immigration policies are designed to turn people against each other, not to achieve cultural integration.

As the boomers filled their laboratories with more and more indentured servants, holding everyone back and relentlessly increasing the competition for an insufficient number of jobs, scientific fraud skyrocketed and production of junk data published in junk journals made it increasingly difficult to sort out any truths among the lies, corruption and grandstanding.  New pathogens were created purposefully, inadvertently and recklessly and unleashed upon the world in likewise manner.  Mind-boggling quantities of the most hazardous waste in the world were generated in a mad rush to get the results that could confirm the boss’ hypothesis and that could be published in the top journals, all of which was required to get and maintain jobs.  Sometimes thousands of experiments had to be done to get an anomalous result that would please the man with the biggest god complex, who the new system was rapidly advancing to the top of the pyramid.

It was this grim setting that produced a love as delicate and unexpected as a magnificent flower arising out of a mound of waste in the aftermath of a devastating war.

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Most people do not seem to think of Mary and Michael as scientists, but who else would they be these days?  After all, science purports to be the most noble profession.  And it stands to reason that such prototypical figures of humanity would be most interested in the truth to unite with good to help make the world a better place so that there can be heaven on earth.

In a world where science was the most accepted side to be on in the God versus science debate and just about anyone could fancy themselves as a god, there was little to no danger of Mary or Michael discovering their true selves, in spite of all of their past anomalies.  But then, even climate change can be swept under the rug!

When Mary was entering the laboratory where she performed the research for her doctorate degree, she had to share a bench with another scientist who was finishing his degree and preparing to leave the laboratory.  Upon his departure, she would also assume his former position as the only white person in the laboratory, like the “Jolly Green Giant,” only white.  He went to work in another laboratory in another building across the same campus, which just happened to be where the Archangel Michael worked.

Michael had gone to high school with Mary’s former lab mate, and they had other fundamental characteristics in common, too.  As a most notable example, they both loved black women, which was absolutely taboo in those days and in those places.  Somehow people with certain commonalities, while not overtly apparent, find each other and recognize each other nevertheless.

For Mary, it was oppression that squashed her down to the bottom of the human race where she looked around to see who else was there and fell in love with black man.  But it was almost impossible, obviously, for mixed couples in those days, particularly in their world.

And the Archangel Michael, sadly, was in the process of failing in his attempt to take on the challenge of a white man dating a black woman in a red state.  His high school buddy, seeing a chance to swoop in and rescue the broken-hearted African queen after the impending breakup, recognized that Mary could facilitate the process by attracting Michael’s attention away from her.

Michael’s high school friend organized a party at his house and made sure that Michael and Mary would both be there.  The Archangel Michael was dreadfully ill, and he was not the only one.  In fact, Mary was becoming sicker every day, too.  Sick people feel terrible, which makes it hard for them to be nice or happy.  The Archangel Michael did not act at all like the person Mary was expecting based on the mutual friend’s description of someone who could be perfect for her.  But most people were already married by then, and the left-overs were becoming apparent.  So, Mary asked Michael to lunch before leaving the party, and he said no.

To make matters even worse, the African queen had plans of her own.  Not to be so easily displaced from her chance at marrying a doctor-in-training, she set Mary up with another man in place of Michael.  Group encounters were horribly awkward in such a small world while Michael tried to convince his friend to give him Mary’s phone number despite his unfortunate behavior at the party.  When Michael finally called Mary weeks later, she should have said no.  But instead she said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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They rode bicycles along the river and they lived along the river, always.  He had water to drink, apples to eat, tools to fix a flat tire and so much more.  He had plans that fit nicely with hers; namely, to try to make the world a better place.  His hair was long, his brain was powerful, and his thighs and gluteal muscles were enormous from riding his bicycle hard up and down hilly landscapes in preparation for annual races.  She was a dancer and a waitress, likewise in the process of sacrificing her fitness and, ultimately, virtually everything to greedy, insatiable science.

They fell madly in love, only to be ensnared in many, many more webs woven out of the conspiracy of evil to destroy love and to hold back most those who are most ahead.

None of the doctors could (or would) figure out what was wrong with Michael et al.  This was surprising since Michael was the “Golden Boy” of the research university and medical school campus.  He was first pick for grooming into shoe-shine boy of the top dog with the biggest god complex.  Michael’s hazel green eyes shining on the cover of the medical center’s magazine just made you wonder what he was up to.

He was in the midst of an educational program to earn a medical doctor degree and a philosophical doctor degree.  He felt this combination was essential to achieve his goal of practicing preventative medicine and performing scientific research.  He had completed the first half of medical school and passed the first of a series of examinations required to become licensed as a medical doctor by a government agency.  The remaining half of medical school consists of clinical training, which he was to complete after performing research to earn his PhD degree.

Mary and Michael were both working on their PhD degrees when they met.  Technically competitors, they envisioned a future where they could combine the cells he was making with the viruses she was making.  Other men had told her that it was too dangerous, that she couldn’t do math and that their wife would never work.  But when Mary told Michael that she would be home from the laboratory at around 9:30 pm, he said, “okay, if I don’t hear from you by 11:30 pm or so, I will start to worry.”  He understood.

He did research in a building that doubled as a medical clinic where very sick patients were seen.  Housing biological research and patient care under the very same roof was one of those asinine ideas that could only have come from someone in charge of things they know nothing about.  Ironically, people were once again falling ill in the name of medicine.  It was reminiscent of the “holy” war oxymoron.

Graduate students work day and night, every day and every night, at least in the hard science fields.  The women have always been severely outnumbered, not to mention severely oppressed, by the men.  A female Korean post-doctoral researcher had to serve tea on her knees to the Japanese men in the laboratory where she worked.

A constellation of symptoms was emerging in the students, staff, and patients alike that included fatigue, headache, cancer, difficulty breathing, skin irritations, chronic diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, irritation of mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, throat, and gastrointestinal tract, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and so on.  Some even died.

The cause of these illnesses was elusive to say the least.  The non-specificity of the symptoms, the variety of the symptoms, the differences in the reactions of individuals depending on factors such as their health and fitness and age and how much they worked, and the unthinkability of the culprit kept the secret safe for far too long.

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The most unlikely hero of this story was the heating and cooling guy.  It was the heating and cooling guy who saw Archangel Michael working in the building day and night and warned him that there were problems that adversely affect health and could even be deadly.  Michael showed the heating and cooling guy the incubator he used to house the stem cell cultures he was growing.  Such experiments routinely suffered fungal contaminations, and the incubators had to be sterilized at regular intervals.  The heating and cooling guy freaked out because he knew that molds which grow at 37°C, human body temperature, are the most dangerous ones because they can eat you.  Even he knew that.  And he lost his job, too.

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By the time Mary met Michael, he was so ill that she worried he might die.  Everyone made fun of him, including even his ex-girlfriend.  Everyone, except Mary.  “It’s all in your head,” that’s what they said.

He was so sick that he had to wear a charcoal filter mask over his face to make it through the day.  His gastrointestinal tract was suffering from continual inflammation due to non-stop irritation that resulted in diarrhea so bad it was difficult to maintain enough calories in the body.  The accompanying flatulence was so devastating that no one would dare to ride the elevator with him.  But they did ask him for aspirins more and more, and they were experiencing gastrointestinal distress of their own as judged by the smells and messes in the bathrooms, not to mention the difficulty finding a free toilet on a really bad day.  This, of course, just prompted the janitors to install air fresheners that automatically sprayed toxic chemicals into the closed spaces of the bathroom at regular intervals and made matters so much worse.

Typical HVAC croppedbpage

Young people were having entire portions of their colons removed.  Some would end up with colostomy bags.  But the show had to go on.  Anyone who couldn’t handle it was deemed weak, unfit, unworthy, even insane.

Michael took Mary to the symphony one weekend.  Future pillars of society, they were interested in culture in addition to culturally interesting.  But Michael’s face was particularly pale, with tinges of green on the sides.  Maybe the music will do him some good, she reasoned.  They were all dressed up and with tickets in hand.  They settled into their seats, and the overture began.  But then he ran and ran and ran.  He had to run as fast as he can.

She sat there alone.  She waited for him to return, but he never came back.  At the intermission, she found him in the lobby, trembling sick and barely able to stand.  “What happened today?” she asked him.  “Today we opened the ductwork,” he said.  She took him home and nursed him back to health, over the next twenty years, against violent opposition.

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The ductwork, which carries the air throughout the building that people breathe, was insulated on the inside with fiberglass insulation.  Humid air and roof leaks made the insulation wet.  This allowed a carpet of various molds to grow on the fiberglass insulation lining the ductwork.  As the air was forced through the ductwork to heat and cool the building, the air picked up spores of molds growing inside the ductwork and blew them all around the building for everyone to breathe and be continuously blasted with.  Some of the mold spores blowing around in the air that happened to land in growth medium in the incubator grew like crazy.  There were even molds growing in the cold rooms.

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The budding young scientists knew just what to do.  They sent samples of the different colored molds out to an independent testing laboratory to be identified.  They also found a medical doctor who was able to demonstrate Michael’s allergic reactions to various specific types of mold.

arm reactions

Immunology is like war.  Your body has an army to protect it from invaders.  Every time an enemy has to be fought, there is collateral damage (inflammation) to the battlefield (your body).  Further, the army in your body is so sophisticated that it remembers every enemy in great detail and customizes and amplifies the response more and more each time it faces that same enemy.  It takes weapons like hydrogen peroxide (grenades) to neutralize enemies.  The more the weapons must be used, the more the collateral damage builds up, especially if the war is non-stop and the same enemy persists.  Winning the war usually comes down to a game of numbers.  One enemy is easily defeated, but a continuous onslaught of great numbers of enemies can defeat.  Thus, avoidance is the best policy when it comes to allergies.

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They made an appointment to confront the Dean of the medical school.  Michael couldn’t believe how brave Mary was to offer to go with him.  He knew she was serious by the way she said it, and he was instantly more in love with her.  And when she actually showed up to the appointment, then he really started to believe all the crazy stories she had told him.  She had no fear.  It was so unsettling.

Mycotech reportComment Reference Page

The Dean met Michael and Mary in his outer office.  They presented him with the data they had put together showing that the buildings were making everyone sick.  The Dean’s big, fat, red nose became purple.  Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.  His abdomen, enlarged in the liver area, made it obvious that he was an alcoholic and had been for some time.  Unable to practice medicine, he had assumed purely administrative duties.

He lied and said they had already removed it all.

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But in reality, they had only shoved a vacuum hose through portions of the ductwork that they accessed by cutting holes into it here and there.  And that is how Michael got a piece of it.  The mold was growing back as they were speaking.

Decades later, Michael and Mary opened the time capsule containing the pieces of ductwork given to him by the ductwork cleaning company:


The Dean threatened them.  He said they would never work in that state again, or get a good recommendation for any position elsewhere, unless they kept their mouths shut.

“I came to do preventative medicine, so if you are going to do that, then I am going to the press,” replied the Archangel Michael.  And he did.  He launched a class action lawsuit against the medical center, too.

Krannert illness flat

And that was the beginning of how Michael and Mary both ended up banished to Switzerland.  But they did a lot of talking to people, convincing people, the smartest people.  They tried anyway.  And there was a lot of positive change during the succeeding time.  Indeed, sick building syndrome is so well-known by now that the insurance companies have already done their best to avoid paying for it.

Molds eat chemicals.  Since you are what you eat, molds are a lot of chemicals.  Perhaps this explains why over-exposure to mold resulting in allergies is also associated with multiple chemical sensitivity.

Poor graduate students threw away all shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hair care products, cleaning products, detergents, perfumes, and scented products containing synthetic chemicals.  They could not afford it, but they filled many trash cans with virtually all of the contents of all of the closets of the house.  They bought natural products made with plants.

environmental medicine center JPEG

Michael ate only potatoes for weeks until his gastrointestinal tract settled down enough to add back one food at a time, rejecting any food that caused any sort of adverse reaction, which was usually acute.  Only whole foods that were organic were added back, no processed foods, no bread, no flour of any grain, no sugar (including fruit), no salt, no preservatives, flavors, gums, colors, thickeners or stabilizers.  The discipline and motivation that it takes to resist so much temptation forever is simply unfathomable to most, obviously.  For Archangel Michael, however, the task is not too great, even though it is a lifelong battle, and even though he had to sacrifice his career as a medical doctor.  But that never stopped him from practicing preventative medicine!

Hoosiers for Health p1

Before high school graduation, all students should learn about indoor air quality, environmental health, microbiology, nutrition, first aid, interest rates, amortization, and so on.  Let’s make America literate again!

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  1. michaelgklug says:

    In case anyone wonders what happened with the class action lawsuit: The local attorney “forgot” to file a paper with the court by a deadline, so the judge threw out the case.
    How did that happen? Prior to selecting our Chicago attorney, I interviewed several big Indianapolis law firms. All initially said that they had no conflict of interest and could take the case, but then after getting all the information from us said things like they taught at the IU law school, were big donors to the University, etc. and were therefore conflicted and couldn’t take the case. For those who don’t know, Indiana University trains almost all the doctors and most of the attorneys in Indiana and has a very dedicated, loyal following. Due to state law our Chicago based attorney still had to find a local attorney to at least file the papers with the court on our behalf.
    Also I want to be clear that this is not anti-immigrant. Indeed we both lived and worked in a foreign country starting a few years after the Medical Mold experience. So we know what it is like to have your potential citizenship held as a threat to keep you in line at the workplace that is in turn intimately tied to your ability to legally live in that country. For us at least we could quit and return to our original country, albeit post 9-11 after our USA Department of State issued the warning that any US citizens returning to the USA after 3 years abroad may come back as non-residents. Thus we can really understand why so many other immigrants do not want to return to the very country they left when they were seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

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